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Map of lz in vietnam

map of lz in vietnam Photo courtesy of Jim Logue RTO with the 196th LIB. Full scale American engagements started in November 1965 with the Battle of Ia Drang and ended with the Paris Peace Accords signing in January 1973. His tour of duty was from Dec. The area was relatively open tall grass and surrounded by jungle. Vietnam Vets signed their names near the area of Other info confirms JWs info above that Delta 39 s 3rd. Southeast Asian Area of Operations. 1st 502d Infantry Association and from Battalion Annual Historical Supplements acquired from the National Archives and Data compiled by utilizing 7th Marine Regiment Command Chronologies Volumes in the Marine Corps Vietnam Series Operational History Series and VIETNAM 1 50 000 Map Series L701 and L7014. Seebeth was our medic and SP5 Paul L. Watch. My first unit was A 1 3 3rd FMF. Vietnam paragliding sites Hon Hong Hon Hong Doi Bu Langbiang Accessable by SUV. These included the 9th Battalions 39 battle of 14 November the 7th Battalions 39 two attacks on 15 and 16 November the LZ A lbany fight and the LZ Columbus attack. Make Offer 1966 US ARMY MAP READING amp MAPS Vietnam War MR4 MR5 MR6 MR7 Washington Georgia Vintage 1966 US Army Map Service Giessen Aldsfeld Germany Map C 25 36x48 quot 28. 59. 67mb Hamburger Hill Singleplayer Map 907. Photo 39 s of LZ Cindy Tra Bong NDP Wrong Hole My Lai QL 1 and Chu Lai Base www. Pleiku LZ Mary Lou 23 miles Tri Border to Dak To 15 miles This links to UpTight magazine for 1970 an in country publication which has a good map of all Major Unit Locations in Vietnam. I woke up often at night over there even after I learned to sleep through outgoing H amp I fire. Special Forces Deployment Go Maps QL19 Qui Nhon Pleiku Go MAPS OF SOUTH VIETNAM Go Go Go MAPS OF THE VIETNAM WAR Go Go Marine A 6 Stories Go Marine AO at Hue Go Marine Bridge Company Hue Tet 68 Go Marine acft inserting trp into hot lz lz was surrounded by high tree stumps acft had m r blade strikes both m r blades dmg 92 Information on U. The exact location can be found using a Vietnam map that has the BR grid shown as an over lay. BACK Aug 20 2016 A map of north and south vietnam during the vietnam war showing major air bases and the communists supply routes including the ho chi minh trail. Gorvad dead in his chair at the map board. 29. Hill 29 was located north of Tam Ky and south of LZ Baldy West of Highway One. SEA huts a perimeter road and bunkers or watch towers along the perimeter. 1st 68 to Nov. A former U. French fort for the situation of this LZ see the following maps LZ Mustang and the An L o Valley and LZ Sandra LZ Mustang and the An L o Valley. LZ JANE. 46th INF. First what was the current fire support doctrine prior to the Vietnam War APPENDIX A MAP OF PLEIKU IA DRANG VALLEY OPERATION CAMPAIGN 84 moment Lieutenant Colonel Moore thought the landing zone would be lost. Z. 18 quot N 108 13 39 25. We 39 d see them come and go and support them with artillery but it isn 39 t until years later that I 39 m starting to hear their story. Stand Down. The data are from quot Where We Were in Vietnam A Comprehensive Guide to the Firebases Military Installations and Naval Vessels of the Vietnam War 1945 1975 quot Michael P. on Fire Support Base Dot on June 10 1968. 178 ASHC 67 18461 A C lost power on its final approach to the LZ turned parallel to the hillside and the left aft gear struck the side of the hill. Attack on Landing Zone X Ray Map nbsp Thua Thien Province with Fire Support Bases 289 KB see maps above FSB Chu Kuk. Crow 39 s Foot LZ Abby. FSB Green . For defense we had a quad 50 machine gun and an 85 mm mortar for shooting illumination rounds for the quad 50 and perimeter guards to watch for enemy probes. Northern I Corps. The Vietnam war was fought in southeast Asia mainly in Vietnam Cambodia and Laos between the US backed South Vietnam and the Soviet back North Vietnam. He was the featured speaker at the 5th Marine Division Association 39 s 65th reunion. Map Coordinates of Hundreds of LZ 39 s and FSB 39 s Ah Khe was also known as Camp Radcliff and was the main division base camp from the time the 1st Cav landed in Vietnam in 1965 until it deployed south in the fall of 1968. Maps have pinpoint locations of LZ 39 s amp Firebases that display a photo image. com 39th. Ed s circle labeled 1st night is LZ Victor with the route overland Contour Maps of area amp fire bases. In addition to the materials in this packet all teachers visiting LZ Lambeau will receive a special VFW Vietnam War Combat Chronology pamphlet in the mail which includes a detailed timeline of battles statistics on casualties famous Vietnam Veterans and maps. The movie We Were Soldiers re The quot Skipper quot and I in Vietnam A New York Times AP Wirephoto of LZ Loon I was a member of Platoon 1009 at Marine Corps Recruit Depot the San Diego City in Motion Platoon. Home nbsp . Download File Size 1 270 nbsp But flying in and out of Vietnam 39 s hot LZs where dust heat and the enemy worked toward a different clearing designated YA 945043 on the map LZ Albany. miles to Landing Zone LZ Judy. Through the Mang Yang Pass. Cloud of dust. In more than 100 cities and towns shock attacks by Vietcong sapper Photo Left USMC Sergeant Bill Bratton. South Vietnam Location LZ ROSS Description The following is an edited version of an article titled quot Killing 287 NVA Soldiers Americal Div Stops Attacks quot dated 20 Jan 1968 and includes a map of battle LZ Ross LZ Leslie Ly Ly River. click on blue icon Click On Map To See Larger Map Coordinates BT027342 BT028341 GPS Coordinates 15 40 39 15. NewsStand. wikia. I had never flown into a hot LZ before. We were to cover for two other battalions by providing fire support with an ARVN artillery LZ on the mountaintops over the Song Bo valley west of Hu . LZ Grant was an isolated outpost of the U. The 1st Brigade used another firebase in the An Lao Valley to the west called LZ Mustang and one more in the northern part of the Bong Son Plains called LZ Geronimo see Maps . Show more Grimaldo Urlich Vivar s pictures 101st Airborn Div. 705492 107. Moore 39 s 1st Battalion 7th Cavalry conducted a heliborne assault into Landing Zone X Ray near the Chu Pong hills. LZ Tommy CH 47 Chinook sitting on resupply pad This is a CH 54 Cargo helicopter Shared by Richard Lysinger. Van Coi Orphanage Chu Lai Vietnam 1968 1969 1971 and 1972. Veterans returned again and again to retrace their tours of duty and connect with fellow veterans. . Also 962999 from 1970 Americal ORL Frederick Hill COAR has AS959999. April 26 2015. MAIN LIBRARY. To view larger maps in more detail click on featured map and in the lower right screen corner you will be given the option of sizes to view the map in. See Ed Moise 39 s bibliography of Vietnam and Ray 39 s Map Room. Grimaldo Urlich Vivar s pictures 101st Airborn Div. 11 ACR. Vietnam Firebase Locations Bing images. 2019 Reunion LZ Gettysburg Pa Sep 28 29 30 2019 Merry Christmas Mr. 04930 207 924 5357 email protected We had just reached LZ West after three days of patrolling in Hiep Duc valley. Vietnam remembered Photos map University participation at LZ Lambeau LZ Lambeau was described as one of the largest reunions ever of Vietnam War veterans a long overdue welcome home. 1969 on Liz LZ Liz Mortar Crew Vietnam Coordinates. Occupied by the 1st Cavalry Division 25th Infantry Division 4th Infantry Division. This is just a map without any mission the mission it self is 75 finished I will post it as soon as I figure out the napalm strike. Start by choosing the type of map. LZ Stinson was on hilltop approx. Teaching NFG how to direct Cobra fire into treeline 1st Air Cav 1 21st Arty Dennis Frenchy Proulx . U. Leavenworth and who was CO 1st Cav Div Arty in 1968 LZ Schueller and LZ Action were scrub land though there were houses being built nearby. It was a fast and quick pull out. Notable areas in Northern I Corps from George Neville 39 s USMC collection. This is me at age 19 at LZ Betty shortly after coming back from manning the DETOC near Thien Gaio. Casper 39 s quot Ghost Town quot was located on the east side of LZ English and right next to what we called quot Sniper Village. Chu Lai Military Base Vietnam 1965 1971 and 2009. I was assigned to a helicopter support unit as an air traffic controller and later an aircraft d Company D 1st Battalion 502d Infantry Regiment 101st Airborne Division Airmobile A Short Unofficial History of its Service Vietnam 1967 1972 Foreword The following information was compiled from the experiences and memories of members of the Vietnam Veterans of D Co. Maps of Bases Firebases LZ 39 s. 00. Army Vietnam Daily Bulletin March 27 1970 The most exciting thing that had happened at Fuller in months was the sick baby ocelot that wandered into the base. Nov 13 2018 Lt. Maps of Vietnam Visit this Map Room on The Vietnam Veterans Home Page for extensive Vietnam Maps Vietnam War Map A copy of a find satellite labeled map from Google Earth. Map of Ia Drang Valley The Ia Drang Valley is a valley located about 32 miles south west of Pleiku in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Once we made it to the fire support base on top of the hill we were given our mail and re supply items ammo water C rations etc . LZ Uplift Duster Hill nbsp Vietnam Timeline. I m gonna swipe a copy. Jun 21 2016 The two vets met at LZ Maryland while signing the Tour of Duty Map. MAP VIETNAM WAR LZ STUD VANDERGRIFT COMBAT BASE ROUTE 9 CA LU HAIRPIN 99. Kelley Hellgate Press June 1 2002 ISBN 10 1555716253 R. 16 following 1 7 Cav s three day battle with the People s Army of Vietnam near the base of the Chu Pong Massif. I wasn 39 t too sure if I was in the exact location because I only had a picture of a map. The likely purpose of the map was to serve as a guide for personnel and others who lived or worked on the base. The opening scene of the movie quot Platoon quot was eerily accurate in its depiction of the images and feelings of a young soldier arriving in Saigon at that time. 101st Airborne Div. The map shows roughly the area from the DMZ down to almost DaNang. But it turns out that nbsp When he looked through the smoke and dust he could see LTC Peter L. Thank you Lonnie Mark and your great group. Title Department of the Army Author Patrick A. Lynch 39 s article about LZ Margo an operation conducted by 2 26 in Vietnam. This map depicts approximately 150 landing zones and firebases that were used in Northern I Corps South Vietnam during the war see list below. 17 1965 at a small clearing known as Landing Zone Albany. They are most readily found through the Websites of individual military units which served during the Vietnam War. UNIT mcb 10 lz sally Vietnam University Class of 1968 thru 1969 Sitrep just dropping to say hello. As observed on the physical map above low level land covers about 20 of the country. Within an hour a fierce battle is underway between the American Air Cav troopers and the aggressive 9th Bn of the 66th Regiment of the Peoples Army of Vietnam North Vietnamese LZ Hawk Hill AKA Hill 29 Map of Hill 29. Maps of Bases Firebases LZ 39 s This is a collection of Bases Firebases LZ 39 s Air Force Bases Naval and Medical and all other bases during the Vietnam War 1963 to 1975. A hot lz is a military term for a landing zone hence LZ that is under heavy fire. Richard M. Chu Lai hotels map is available on the target page linked above. title C I30 AT LZ ENGLISH. Map IVC. soldier in the Duc Pho AO during 1968 including footage of LZ Liz 515 Valley Pleiku and more. Ia Drang and Vicinity Battle of Ia Drang. T Bone 6. On the south side of this road lay the rusted hulks of the French debacle of June 1954. It has a population of more than 90 million people making it the 14th most populous country in the world. The Grid Number Location for AnKhe is BR477435. Dec 1968. In some cases the Base Camp had a firing Battery and in some cases not. Dec 30 2013 Something else that puzzles me . On the east side of the LZ beyond the nbsp Map IVB. Don Cornett along with 154 Troopers from 2nd Battalion 7th Cavalry Regiment were killed in the Ia Drang Valley Nov. Remembering Vietnam is an exhibit at the National Archives in Washington DC on display from November 10 2017 through February 28 2019 featuring nbsp Behind him are maps of South Vietnam where he fought. we had a great chief at lz sally named EOC STEEL. Lynch is a retired USMC Major General who lives in Tampa Florida and was the Operations officer of 2 26 during the operation at LZ Margo. The maps list below and shown on the table below are of the Northern I Corps. You can share the Vietnam Gps Coordinates with anyone using the share link above. Downtown Bong Son Vietnam 1969 LZ English was a firebase and home to the 173d Airborne Brigade. LZ Baldy also known as Landing Zone Baldy and hill 63 was a fire support base located Northwest of Chu Lai Qu ng Nam Province in North central Vietnam. Email me with LZ 39 s you were on I 39 ll see if I can get them on the maps. 4 Jun 2012 Downtown Bong Son Vietnam 1969. Marines. 2nd Bn. engineer battalion cbt photo g Landoltrobert nbsp Tactical maps for use in Vietnam were created and printed by the US Army Corps of Engineers Hill 270 middot Chu Lai Artillery Hill LZ Bayonet LZ Chippewa. The green ink was still wet on the picture stuck on this one when I sent to my parents. Map of Area with Names of LZ 39 s. It is based on the Battle for Landing Zone X Ray part of the Battle of la Drang Valley the first major nbsp The roots of the Vietnam War started in 1946 with the beginning of the First Indochina Major Radcliff was piloting a UH 1B helicopter gunship escorting the LZ Blue Both Brigades used the airstrip at Bu Gia Map as a forward logistics base. Covid 19 in Western New York The latest map and statistics. Chip hopes to create something that resembles a 3D aerial view of the facility. The coordinates are approximately BS 634 380 and it is in the mountains approximately six miles northeast of the Special Forces camp at Ba To. See the 1971 History photos page for more information on Lam Son 719 action. Hill 54 Artillery Fire base. 1st Battalion 506 Infantry 2nd Battalion 506 Infantry 3rd Battalion 506th Infantry 1st Battalion 506 Infantry and 2nd Battalion 506 Infantry Map Location of Courts South Vietnam Go Map U. Military Regions Map. 19th 1971. LZ Hardtimes was northeast of An Khe and was close to the Bong Son River. Appy Patriots the Vietnam War Remembe Kelly McFarlane 39 s Tour of Vietnam Kelly McFarlane took several photos of Quang Ngai City and Hill 4 11 during her tour of Vietnam in December 2004. Richard Meyers r shares pics of his recent trip to Vietnam with fellow veteran David Hollingsworth. Company D 39 s camp was placed on the far western edge of the LZ Baldy Compound and north of Road 535 See map . Maps have pinpoint locations of LZ 39 s nbsp Fire Base locations of 6th Bn. A pontoon bridge was an extension of QL 547 as it crossed the Song Huong Perfume River and then turned to the North. Photo locations include Phan Thiet LZ Sherry USO show with Bob Hope and Ann Margaret Christmas 1968 A Shaw Valley flight over the Battleship New Jersey Titty Mountain Camp Eagle Downtown Hue shopping district Emperor s Palace and Throne Room Buddhist Temples and Nov 22 2016 Warrant Officer 1 William A. To view a Google interactive map of VIetnam firebases points of interst and Hill numbers nbsp The below maps are Tactical VFR charts that were used by Jim McDaniel during his second tour in Vietnam in 1971 when he was stationed in Chu Lai with the nbsp French Fort LZ Hardcore LZ Charlie Brown Mai Loc Song Mao FSB Tuy Hoa Riverboat South III Marine Amphibious Force HQ Camp Horn LZ Young Hill 14 Provincial Vietnam Map. May 15 2016 1969 Map Military of Vietnam Major Units Locations 1969 Landing Zone English also known as English Airfield LZ Dog LZ English or simply Bong Son is a former U. Veterans who has tried for forty years to put Vietnam behind them now proudly wrote their names on the map wrote memorials to those they had lost and share many for the between LZ Sally amp La Chu W of QL 1 named by 2nd Bde 101st Abn Div CO Col John Cushman in honor of his friend Col. LZ GEORGE was a dried up swamp located about two kilometers west of the hamlet of Ap Gu and one kilometer north of Route 246. He 39 s 6 feet 7. lz hill 54 lz pleiku 1967 70 coastal firebases central highlands firebases lz bronco lz hardcore fsb 15 lz tango lz colt ordway lz no slack lz bunker hill lz golden rose lz swinger lz ingrid hill 54 lz roberts lz muriel lz uptight lz brillo pad lz sylvia lz thunder mountain lz bass polei kleng lz karen lz tempest lz Oct 08 2020 Vietnam is roughly S shaped running for a distance of about 1 650 km in the north to south directions. monsoon the monsoon season differed radically from one place to another inside Vietnam. LZ English 1968 Photo Robert Flynn . BT231315 or BT230315 Div Arty ORLL BT22431 Quan Loi Vietnam f irst known by the army as LZ Andy could be found approximately 60 miles north of Saigon and 10 miles from the Cambodian border near the town of An Loc the provincial capitol of Binh Long Province. Reunions. Map of II Corps Tactical Zone. Z X military activity in Vietnam the status of map . Barrel of M 110 Howitzer as it is fired. Topo Map from 1969 70 of East Side of Hiep Duc Valley. Smith 45 Nelson Road Dexter ME. Z X ping of Southeast Asia was considered to be quite satisfactory nbsp The next day after learning that these North Vietnamese forces were somewhere in the Ia Drang River Valley U. Was LZ Buff renamed 21 May 1969 for LTC Stinson killed on A 123d Avn Co. Operation Junction City Phase II. These quot Sky Soldiers quot were arguably the best light infantry in the world and operated from LZ English and several other firebases in the area of the Bong Son plains. Lewis FE SP4 Roy H. Around noon the North Vietnamese 33rd nbsp Vietnam map. 5 km from Hwy 548 and 6 km W of Hue. Smith and LZ English Bong Son 1969. we went over on the troop transport Mc Goffin in July 65 with the 7th Fleet and relieved the 9th Marines holes. between two other fire support bases used by the 196th Light Infantry Brigade LZ East and LZ West. Home of D Company 1st BN 6th INF 198th LIB Americal Division Vietnam. Due to the physical features of the area the best possible landing zone designated LZ X ray was a large clearing located at the base of the mountain. Airmobile stands out in a crowd. These maps are mostly Americal Firebases and we are working on the all unit maps at present so please be patient. detailed maps of Vietnam to find Dak To keep in mind that Dak To is just to the east of where Cambodia and Laos meet at the Vietnam border sometimes referred to as the quot tri border quot region . The Lam Son 719 map covers the entire AO of the South Vietnamese invasion into Laos in 1971. RICE PADDIES NEAR LZ ENGLISH. 00 These maps do not include all of the LZ 39 s and Fire Support Bases in the Americal AO but it does include many of the larger ones. With Dong Ha in the east and Khe Sanh in the west this cluster was supposed to prevent PAVN forces from penetrating RVN. The hill today is a peaceful place one among many in the highland farmlands. Dung 126 History of the People 39 s Army 216 no other publishing information given . Along Route 9 in Quang Tri province a number of Fire Support Bases were established in order to support the operations in nbsp Map Library Main Library Building Michigan State University 366 W. Anchor LZ 1966 67 Binh Dinh Province Bong Song plains just northwest of Dam Tra O. Hill 69 Artillery Fire base. Vietnam Photos Click on images for larger photo 1969 1970 Firebase Carolyn Tay Ninh Province Fire Support Base Illingsworth Tay Ninh Province Log Pad Phouc Vinh Falkner Dennis Rhoades Ken Baker and George Johnson Never Forget FSB Becky Nov 1969 FSB Condor June 1970 Field Valor Awards Cat 1970 Bruce Twine Skull 69 70. The battle of Ia Drang was an engagement of the Vietnam War. Company B had been in contact with the enemy and we were ordered to assist them. Todays Soldiers LZ Uplift Vicinity Map of area including LZ Uplift LZ Ichiban 8 Inch Hill Duster Hill and LZ Litts. The original map without added locations is a Joint Operations Graphic Air Map printed by the DMA in September of 1983. Bullet 6 km S FSB Rakkasan and 25 km WSW of Hue. Ray Smith 1st Platoon C Company 1st Bn 69th Armor has an excellent Map Site with high resolution maps for almost all of I Corps II Corps and III Corps and much more. Army helicopter UH 1H tail number 68 15753 The Army purchased this helicopter 0769 BACK Fire Support Base Illingsworth Tay Ninh Province 1970 Contributed by John Williams Mike Lomker. The highlighted area on the map is where the battle was fought. Shaded relief of Vietnam b. O 1 Bird Dog flying out of LZ Hammond used by Air Observers for 7 15th LZ Hardtimes was in Vinh Thanh Valley. The battalion dug in along a 360 degree NDP on the LZ that night. Reuniting with Van Coi orphans after 44 years. LZ STUD Northern I Corps of Vietnam It was Sunday April 13th 1969. Sometimes they change addresses or just disappear. Wild Bill Statt was the aircraft commander SP5 John N. The LZ offered inviting open fields of fire to any NVA entrenched in the high ground overlooking the LZ. Graphic maps of Duc Pho. Army base in B ng S n B nh nh Province Vietnam. Retrieved from quot https military. 1 2 LZ Mary Ann AS961998 4 LZ Mary Lou BT132203 named after 4th Infantry Colonel Kimmel 39 s wife He was killed in Vietnam . As a result only one chopper fit in the zone at a time. Satan II 15 km S of Hue 7 km SE FSB Birmingham and 6 km W of FSB Arsenal. Perry Casta eda Library 101 East 21st St. Ed 39 s circle labeled quot 1 st night quot is LZ Victor with the route overland taken by the 2 5 Cav. O 39 Bryan League City TX UNIT A 2 501st INF 101st Airborne Vietnam University Class of 71 72 Sitrep just checking in . With all due respect to those who actually own them sometimes I have to snatch a map. Map Key By James Burbeck In the late morning of November 14 1965 several platoons of American troops landed by helicopter at a clearing located in the Ia Drang River Valley Vietnam. LZ Peanuts A special journey . A C slid down the hill and overturned landing on its top burst into flames and was destroyed in less than ten minutes. The infantrymen who explored the complex are known as Tunnel Rats. The measure of success the military developed for the war in Vietnam was the enemy body count Nui Ba Ra Mountain in background on right LZ Buttons with airstrip in background on left Blues arriving at Buttons Lyon 10 Km E of Hue and 5 km S of LZ Sally. the LZ and on the finger and draw leading down from the high ground northwest of the LZ. It was the home for 1 61 until they were assigned AO Orange as their permanent operations area. Duc Pho October 1967 4. Vietnam maps covers this whole country which is located in the easternmost part of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia flanked by the South China Sea to its east Cambodia to the southwest Laos to the northwest and China to the north. The main activity is polishing and Here is a photo of LZ Jay taken in March 1970 and a 2010 Google Map photo of the same location. See Chu Lai photos and images from satellite below explore the aerial photographs of Chu Lai in Vietnam. I wish I could credit the owner in each case but I don 39 t keep a theft record. Coleman 283 Moore and Galloway 399. The Firebases and LZ 39 s are places where a firing Battery alone was located at. Vietnam is a country of tropical lowlands rolling green hills and densely forested mountains. 84mb Nov 22 2016 Warrant Officer 1 William A. Van Coi Xuan Tam Orphanage. Sep 22 2013 My 1th historical map Ia Drang Valley LZ quot X Ray quot . During our Tour of Duty in Vietnam the Casper Platoon was relocated four times and finally called LZ English our home from early 1968 to 1971. Tom Soals Portland Oregon UNIT E 1 501 RECON Knox FT Sill FT Bragg Chu Li LZ Dottie LZ Stinson LZ Fat city OP George Nui Fu Tin 1 14 ARTY. We are interested in getting your input into the accuracy of this map. Use Rough Guides maps to explore all the regions of Vietnam. Here are some maps of Vietnam a. Contour Maps of area amp fire bases. On arrival Haig had his men cloverleaf around the area but made no contact. com Vietnam Veterans Wall Map Project 219871735041831 THIS IS FOR YOU WHO SERVED Vietnam War 1958 to 1975 nbsp To view the maps in large scale after the map loads drag the mouse to the TAM KY Op Harvest Moon LZ Op Harvest Moon Battle Map By COL Jack Swallows Results 1 48 of 417 Get the best deals on Original Vietnam War Maps when you shop the HAWK HILL Vietnam map Tam Ky USMC LZ Baldy 1 1 Cavalry Hill nbsp The Vietnam Salient Apache Snow Central DMZ Battles Eastern Quang Tri and Thua Thie n. President from Vietnam Little Forethought Some Malice Trumped by Grace By J. It was used many times in Vietnam due to the constant in and out of helicopters. We then received orders that the next morning we would be flying in to an area a few miles from LZ Siberia. Vietnam is located on the eastern side of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Don SGT Snuffy Smith s Firebases and Landing Zones Vietnam Don 39 SGT Snuffy 39 Smith 39 s Firebases and Landing Zones Vietnam email protected 2007 2015 by Donald E. ARMY 1969 1ST AVN BDE MAY JUL OR LL. And Camp Enari base camp of the 4th Infantry Division had cows grazing on the land but there was still the concrete base to the MP stand at the entrance. The base was located along Highway 1 approximately 82 km northwest of Qui Nh n. Chu Lai from Mapcarta the free map. Army s 1st Cavalry Division acting as a tactical control point and logistical supply area for the maneuver elements of the 2nd Battalion 12th Cavalry. Assigned 25 Regional Forces ARVN Vagedes Ernie CM ARMY LZ Landing Zone Baldy CH 46D Sea Knight HMM 161 YR 41 BuNo 153990 Medevac Chase Bird probably at LZ Baldy Landing with Medevac on USS Sanctuary Hospital Ship off the coast of Vietnam CH 46D from HMM 161 landing at Marble Mountain airfield CH 46D HMM 364 YK . My name is Tom Hanneman and I was a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. Title Vietnam. Vietnam 1945 1975 . Circle Drive Room E240 East Lansing MI 48824. Aug 29 2015 Dawn patrols and downtime in America 39 s ugliest war One veteran 39 s forgotten photos of Vietnam unveiled after 47 years showing troops unaware of protests at home and the many who never made it back Below you will find Jarvis D. LZ Stud Vandegrift Combat Base. Planing to drop small campaign 5 6 missions for Men of War Vietnam called quot tour of duty quot . title GOOD MORNING VIETNAM LZ ENGLISH. FSB Ryder Artilleryman policing up spent casings. This list represents locations of the 1 83rd during the time we were in Vietnam from 1966 1971. Winfield whom he met at Ft. . Fought between November 14th and 18th of 1965 around the hills surrounding the valley of Ia Drang on the Central Highlands of South Vietnam. C Co 23 Med Bn moved from Chu Lai to Hill 63 around 1967. The base was reopened by the Task Force Walker of the 25th Infantry Division on May 1966. This is a collection of Bases Firebases LZ 39 s Air Force Bases Naval and Medical and all other bases during the Vietnam War nbsp See quot Vietnam Reflexes and Reflections. They were called out of the tunnels on January 21 and nauseating gas was pumped in. LZ Baldy 1969 Mar 27 2009 I see some of the Vietnam bro 39 s talking about them and I would like to have a reference to show my son where I was. 5. The shootdown of a U. Map of Vietnam. BACK. 501st Inf. It also had the best road construction fill material in the area. Helicopter 737 on March 3 1969 in Hau Duc area. Apr 09 2013 1968 Vintage Map of Vietnam provided by Richard Rooker . Practically all of us 1st Radio Battalion Marines 1st RadBn or 1st RagBag filled sandbags. Units were rotated at all locations and the ones that appear on the table were at that particular location during a certain period of time. A low level view of the Duc Pho LZ Bronco Airfield. took it easy all day. The map includes information about the many US NVA and Viet Cong units that participated in the month of battle. Discover the beauty hidden in the maps. 8kb Dimensions 311 x 227 1967 LZ English near Bong Son about fifty meters inside the perimeter. LZ nbsp MAP project https www. Photos of LZ Center a firebase ten miles west of Tam Ky Vietnam and map of the area. Circled is LZ X Ray itself labeled quot 2 d amp 3 d Night quot and finally he marked the overland route taken by 2 5 Cav to LZ Columbus labeled quot 4 th night. Military History Institute of Vietnam This page provides a complete overview of Quang Nam Da Nang Vietnam region maps. The government claims to control more than 50 percent of the 6. Map Description History Map of the Vietnam War. Captured From the air LZ Sharon looks like typical firebases all over Vietnam. Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Click on the thumbnail image to view a larger image of the maps or click on the link provided. Russell Thomas and Mike Muyres former Platoon Leader and RTO from Bravo Company 3rd Battalion 1st Infantry Regiment during January 1968. 21 photos. 57. On 04 May A Battery moved to FSB 1 Dak To ZB003215 with the mission of GSR 1 92nd Artillery. easily be integrated in your already established Vietnam curriculum. After a North Vietnamese strike against the Special Forces camp at Plei Me American forces deployed in an effort to destroy the attackers. Title Visit http www Author Vietnam Project Created Date 7 31 2017 8 59 36 AM A amp Z Map Grids are NOT Like Others Enemy Units. Free shipping. LZ Margo and the DMZ In Vietnam 39 s northern I Corps in 1968 that was a lot of places. 10. LZ Uplift Phu My SF Compound Phu Cat AB 6536 IV ND48 12 Thanh An Duc Co Plei Djereng 6536 I ND48 12 Bao Duc LZ Oasis Catecka Tea Plantation 6636 IV ND49 09 Pleiku Camp Holloway Camp Enari Dragon Mtn 6636 I ND49 09 Chu Rpan LZ Action 6736 IV ND49 09 An Tuc An Khe Camp Radcliff LZ Schueller Hwy QL 19 6736 I ND49 09 Binh Khe An On the morning of March 3 223d CAB with additional helicopters from 14th and 158th aviation battalions airlifted ARVN troops from 3d Battalion 1st Infantry Regiment from LZ Delta into LZ Lolo. This place is situated in Binh Son Quang Ngai Vietnam its geographical coordinates are 15 24 39 0 quot North 108 42 39 0 quot East and its original name with diacritics is Chu Lai. Hill 474. 3 Aug 2020 Vietnam Conflict. LZ s and other locations are usually given by Grid Numbers . Although the attacks were costly failures in military terms they set the United States on a path of disengagement from the war that ultimately led to the fall of Saigon some seven years later . I was probably at LZ Sharon from around January to March 1970. facebook. This map is from Vietnam War Stories. Triple canopy jungle surrounded it for miles. You can barely make out the backward words AT PHAN THIET in the middle of Vietnam ruined town map Singleplayer Map 4. This is a never seen before collection of personal photographs from the 101st Airborne in Vietnam during 1968 and 1969. Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone or V DMZ for short was established in Quang Tri Province in 1954 surrounding the historically famous Ben Hai River and Hien Luong Bridge to mark what goes down in Vietnam history and among the natives as the painful partition of the country. 1967 1971. The actual dimensions of the Vietnam map are 2535 X 4562 pixels file size in bytes 1426287. Special Forces Deployment Go Map U. 30 You will be met our guide at the lobby and drive to the My Khe Beach Well known as China Beach or R amp R Beach where GIs and nurses relaxed before battlefields quick stop for photos or you can take a walk along the beach you also see from the beach the former US Navy Hospital which is the TV Series China Beach took VIETNAM MAPS I CORPS To view the maps in large scale after the map loads drag the mouse to the lower right corner and click on the orange button Plan your trip around Vietnam with interactive travel maps from Rough Guides. He was assigned to HHC 3 506th inf Bn . 726848 YS988840 6530 3 aka FSB Ham Tan see . SALLY MAPS LZ Sally Area Map. 11th Artillery in Vietnam Dec. Duc Pho October 1967 3. The memory of my arrival is Vietnam in mostly blur of disconnected images. 58. Geography. Oct 03 2019 The Battle of Ia Drang was fought November 14 18 1965 during the Vietnam War 1955 1975 and was the first major engagement between the US Army and the People 39 s Army of Vietnam PAVN . J. FSB Ryder Marines on this mountain top Fire Base. from LZ SUV pool costs 4 or local motobike 5 Altitude 615m nbsp 8 Jul 2014 I didn 39 t know very much when I came here. At Sharon w had no infantry support. Hawkins Created Date 3 17 2010 4 13 17 PM It seems that the enemy units that had attacked LZ Jane that morning decided or were ordered to assist other enemy units in the area to take and hold the nearby town of Hai Lang on the morning of 31 January 1968 the official onset of the TET Offensive of 1968. 3rd. forces to overrun the major cities of South Vietnam marked the turning point of the Vietnam War . Illustrating. 39thengrbn. Jul 30 2013 CPT Ed Boyt carried this map during the Battle of the Ia Drang. LZ Abby LZ Action LZ Armageddon LZ Arnold 39 s Trail LZ Augusta LZ Baxter Danang An Hoa Combat Base LZ Ross Antenna Valley Fullday L At 7. Nov 16 2011 Thursday marks the anniversary of the ambush near LZ Albany the second and largely forgotten half of the Vietnam War battle of the Ia Drang Valley in 1965. Maphill lets you look at Duc Pho Quang Ngai Vietnam from many different perspectives. Kid 39 s View. LZ Stud was originally established by the 1st Cavalry Division on Route 9 in early 1968 to support Operation Pegasus the relief of Khe Sanh. 1969 on Liz LZ Liz quot Thinking 12 000 miles away quot Feb. These quot Sky Soldiers quot were arguably nbsp The Ia Drang Valley is a map featured in Battlefield Vietnam. Hill 69. Looking at ridgeline location of LZ Bingo from the northeast. Watch Scandroli Construction build the concrete base for our new upcoming monument. A map room created by Al Simms radar technician 1st Bn 14th Arty Americal Division 1968 69 has extensive information about fire bases in the areas around Chu Lai. LZ Liz was located in Quang Ngai Province I Corps south of Da Nang and Chu Lai west of Highway 1 north of LZ Bronco and c Ph . MAP ROOM. They had gambled that such overwhelming number superiority would easily turn the battle to their advantage. need help w his name about Feb. DVD of home movies filmed by a 4th Inf. Area 331 114 sq. Map Vietnam With 196th AO Marked. Also wondering if any of you guys were associated with my units. The mortar at LZ Sharon. The gunships accompanying the lift ships preceded the Americal Map Room Update. Not much else but it does include Laos Cambodia etc. Current Satellite Photo of the Area. The arc drawn in the upper right On LZ Liz. Sometimes they don 39 t want you to link to them and would rather you just took a copy with you. From simple outline maps to detailed map of Quang Nam Da Nang. The insertion was preceded the night before by eight B 52s bombing enemy positions south of the LZ and six fighter strikes on and around the LZ. November 14 20 1965. 13km MW of QuangNgai City 5km N of Song Tra Chuc River 24km due S of Chu Lai 5km SSW of LZ Phoenix 5km ENE ville of Xuan Hoa 9km W of QL 1 LZ Russell LZ Brillo Pad OP Hill LZ Alamo LZ Blackfoot Hill 1018 LZ Swinger LZ Cider LZ Mile High LZ Roberts LZ Chu Pa FSB Ban Me Thout FSB Gray LZ Lima Zulu 8 Inch Hill Duster Hill Pump Station 6 Golf Course Hon Cong Mountain LZ Goat LZ Flexer Pump Station 8 Pump Station 10 FSB McNerney Pump Station 9 French Fort LZ Hardcore LZ Charlie Brown Jun 04 1996 QL1 Tam Quan LZ Lowboy Tam Quan Map Sheet 6838 3 Tam Quan 425kb QL1 South of Tam Quan LZ North English LZ Tom Truong Lam Map Sheet 6838 3 Tam Quan 396kb Military Regions Map of Vietnam Small scale overview map of Corps Tactical Zones 35kb Map of II Corps Small scale overview map of II Corps Tactical Zone 35kb This is a portion of Map Sheet 6640 1 showing the Hoi An LZ Baldy area in the I Corps Tactical Area Of Responsibility. 2 26 had cut its teeth at the Click to expand the map. In the above map click on the map where the borders join. See the map with graphed data Indochina Precipitation amp Monsoon Air Flow. This was a popular VC area after the sun went down. I ll tell you why In mid summer 1968 I went on an operation Lam son with 2nd Bn 1st ARVN 1st Brigade 1st ARVN Division out of Hu . The Battle of Prek Klok I. 4. under remove text if possible Thanks to Casper Platoon. LZ Baldy 1969 Nice map. Army and the 8th Battalion 66th Regiment along with the 1st Battalion 33rd Regiment of the Peoples Army of Vietnam PAVN on 17 November 1965 was the deadliest single day battle during the Vietnam War. Jim 39 s map project is a superb site for large scale maps of Vietnam Laos and Cambodia. LZ English was a firebase and home to the 173d Airborne Brigade. You can open gt gt LZ Debbie BS870325 BS870325 by latest map AKA LZ Thunder 1 2 gt gt LZ Div Arty Hill BT51580399 1 2 gt gt LZ Don BS7611278 DIVARTY ORL BS764277 1 2 As in much of the Vietnam War geography played a major role in the battle. Imagine the surprise registered on the face of a North Vietnamese soldier when wandering down a trail in northern Military Region 1 about 18 miles southeast of Hue Vietnam January 1970. January 30 31 1968 On the Tet holiday Vietcong units surge into action over the length and breadth of South Vietnam. If you have information as to LZ s in the south please inform us. LZ 39 S amp Fire Bases. Duc Pho October 1967 2. . The dozer is used to clean brush around the lz for better protection from attacks. II Corp Area Fire Support Bases Forward Support Bases Landing Zones. under remove text if possible Thanks to Casper Platoon . platoon did a quot Mini Cav quot . LZ Bayonet. 6029 ii MAP Co Do An Giang Kien Giang Province This map depicts approximately 150 landing zones and firebases that were used in Northern I Corps South Vietnam during the war see list below. org The enemy had amassed over 2 500 soldiers in the attack. Lonnie 39 s Stonecrafters engraving a map of Vietnam on a 4 39 x 9 39 granite slab. Vietnam Maps. Here are some good sites for finding all kinds of maps including thematic and topical one. So I had searched for a watch with a generously luminous dial which would let me check the time in the dark. Draws and ravines created an uneven surface on the hill. They were composed of 272nd VC Main Force Regiment. to go back to Jim 39 s Vietnam Vet Homepage Mar 10 2020 DMZ Vietnam Map in 1954. No Change in cupy LZ Mack north of Elliott in preparation for th e regiment 39 s move See Reference Map Sections 1 2 3 wise but still nbsp T THE beginning of increased American. map files Hoang Lien Son Range maps Su Sung Tiao Tiai maps Sam Sao maps Annam mountains maps Fan Si Pan maps Plei Ku maps Dac Lac maps Lam Vien maps Zi Linh maps Mekong maps Honga maps Lo maps Tiay maps Gom maps Krong Loko maps Krong maps Dong Nai maps Zung maps Kotei maps Hyue maps Kuk Phyong maps Hoang Lien Apr 23 2012 South Vietnam Description After Marine jets and artillery preped to two initial assault LZs for operation HASTINGS 24 CH 46s from HMM 164 and HMM 265 brought the first wave of Marines from 3d Battalion 4th Marines into LZ Crow about five miles northeast of the Rockpile starting at 0800. Our troops were outnumbered almost 5 to 1. S. to go back to Jim 39 s Vietnam Vet Homepage C Battery was located at LZ Bass ZA028935 22 km west of Kontum and C Battery Platoon was located at FSB 12 Ben Het 15 km northwest of Dak To. The valley was also known as Happy Valley to the troops. Jun 10 2010 This large map of Vietnam was placed on the parking lot at LZ Lambeau welcome home celebration held May 21 to 23rd 2010 in Green Bay Wisconsin. Robert E. Download Vietnam topographic maps download Vietnam maps with . Lz Vietnam Lz Vietnam Southeast Asian Area of Operations. The battle of LZ Albany began after the battle of LZ X ray made famous in the Mel Gibson movie We Were Soldiers. Binh Dinh Province II Corps South Vietnam Location LZ Bird Description At 0105H three NVA battalions from the 22d Regt used the two day Christmas truce to move into position for a surprise attack on LZ Bird in the Kim Son Valley which was well away from their usual haunts in the Hoai Nhon Delta area. Located one kilometer from the Cambodian border in Tay Ninh Province RVN it was near a trail down which the North Vietnamese Army funneled Welcome to the Khe Sanh google satellite map This place is situated in Huong Hoa Quang Tri Vietnam its geographical coordinates are 16 37 39 0 quot North 106 44 39 0 quot East and its original name with diacritics is Khe Sanh. LZ Uplift Phu My SF Compound Phu Cat AB 6536 IV ND48 12 Thanh An Duc Co Plei Djereng 6536 I ND48 12 Bao Duc LZ Oasis Catecka Tea Plantation 6636 IV ND49 09 Pleiku Camp Holloway Camp Enari Dragon Mtn 6636 I ND49 09 Chu Rpan LZ Action 6736 IV ND49 09 An Tuc An Khe Camp Radcliff LZ Schueller Hwy QL 19 6736 I ND49 09 Binh Khe An LZ Granite Lonnie 39 s Engraving Vietnam Map. Each angle of view and every map style has its own advantage. Bruce Huffman Photos of Vietnam 401 600 C Battery at LZ Salem February 1968 Reunion The 7th Battalion 13th Artillery Association was formed in 2012 to support the veterans of the battalion who served in Vietnam from 1966 through 1970. The Battle at Landing Zone LZ Albany fought between the 2nd Battalion 7th Cavalry of the U. Revised Vietnam Maps nbsp These maps are mostly Americal Firebases and we are working on the all unit maps at present so please be patient. Davis CE 3 injured return to maps Machine gunner Frank Belcher far right was killed in the ambush the day after this photo was taken. The men were keeping it in the communication shack the warmest spot on the base and treating it with milk of magnesia and pencillin shots. The problem is not with the map nbsp Vietnam War Conflict Wall Map Poster Military Merchandise Military Products Military Hat Pins and Military Patches offered by Military Medals LZ NAM. Eight miles south of Thang Binh and seven miles north or Tam Ky just east of the railroad. Troops load shells onto M 110 Howitzer and position it for firing. Landing Zone LZ Liz was a forward support base for the US Marines and later for the US Army during the Vietnam War. Home 2012 LZ Betty Pictures by Ahn cau duong Chaplins LZ Betty Map photo s 2008 Photos 2006 Photos 2005 Feb 22 2011 Vietnam 1966 1970. LZ West Hiep Duc Vietnam 1970 Logue These were the guys doing the toughest job off LZ West the infantry. AP AP. LZ Liz consisted of two small hills with a saddle running in between. Note look for incorrectly labeled Quang Loi LZ Andy Maps of Bases Firebases LZ 39 s This is a collection of Bases Firebases LZ 39 s Air Force Bases Naval and Medical and all other bases during the Vietnam War 1963 to 1975. HILLS NORTHWEST OF BONG SON Thanks to Jim Beck for above three photos. On January 30th 1969 Tet LZ betty was attacked by the 482nd Local Force VC Batallion and the 840 Main Force VC Bn. Reuniting with Van Coi orphans Mar 27 2020 Maps of Vietnam which include locations for US firebases air force and naval bases medical bases and other major military locations do exist. but it has a My Father in Vietnam Hill 55 Hill 63 DaNang and LZ Baldy These are mostly pictures from Hill 55 but there are some from Hill 63 LZ Baldy Da Nang Taiwain R amp R etc. 181 photos. Vietnam War period . com. US Army Area maps. FIREBASE BRICK Vietnam Special Pfc. m. Sumrall was the crew chief. This aircraft was dropping off the Caterpillar dozer sitting on the ground. Map a South Vietnam 1971. Oct 08 2020 Vietnam is roughly S shaped running for a distance of about 1 650 km in the north to south directions. I d barely been in Vietnam a month and in our unit for two weeks as a rookie pilot. A map revealed steep slopes down from three sides of the hill into the Cam Lo River flowing in a jagged horseshoe around the LZ. Provincial Route QL 547 ran past the RC and was the East West corridor that ran between Laos and Hue Phu Bai. During the night of May 5th 1968 a few kilometers west of Khe Sanh a fierce battle took place when the men from 1st Battalion 5th Cavalry stood their ground against hundreds of attacking NVA troops pouring in from across the Laotian border. LZ Center 1st Battalion 6th Infantry 23rd Infantry Division AMERICAL US Army Vietnam 1968 LZ Center BT 052 250 LZ Mary Ann AS961998 38 miles west of Chu Lai. Anthony C. Headquarters Company 2nd Brigade 101st Airborne Division. The gathering at Green Bay s Lambeau Field drew an estimated 75 000 visitors to the area May 21 23. LZ Oasis Air Field 1967 Landing Zone Oasis was also known as LZ Oasis or LZ Tuttle. 1 2 LZ Mary Lou BT132203 4 LZ Maude AT835757 Northwest of LZ professional. I remember it was a hot and humid afternoon which took us several hours to get up to the base on top to the hill. 6 22 70 LZ Snuffy J. LZ West was on top of a large hill with lots of jungle terrain around it. Closed 10Feb71. South Vietnam Caution This map is graphic intensive Click HERE to go up to the Theater Map level or HERE. OVERLOOKING BONG SON PLAINS . This flight was a low level Visual reconnaissance Convoy Cover heading West into the Pass. Vietnam Map Room. Photo locations include Phan Thiet LZ Sherry USO show with Bob Hope and Ann Margaret Christmas 1968 A Shaw Valley flight over the Battleship New Jersey Titty Mountain Camp Eagle Downtown Hue shopping district Emperor s Palace and Throne Room Buddhist Temples and Feb 16 2019 LZ Sharon circled. Special Forces Deployment Go Maps QL19 Qui Nhon Pleiku Go MAPS OF SOUTH VIETNAM Go Go Go MAPS OF THE VIETNAM WAR Go Go Marine A 6 Stories Go Marine AO at Hue Go Marine Bridge Company Hue Tet 68 Go Marine This section is a first pass drawing by Chip Marshall to create a map of the Nasty Base at DaNang Harbor. LZ Hammond . c 2019 DMZ nbsp 29 Feb 2016 With the Vietnam War in full swing in the late 1960s it was not a good time to lose Nobody had told me that this was standard to prepare the LZ for us to land. LZ Abby. The LZ 39 s and Bases page lists more specific locations than shown here. Lz Xray Day 1 Lead elements of the under strength 450 man 1st Bn 7th Cavalry air assault into a small clearing in scrub jungle below the 2300 foot Chu Pong Massif. Background. During the Vietnam War the U. See Maps Page also. Click on any Major Base Event layer or Star When it opens click on the Image upper left and a viewer will open Blue Star Medal of Honor Recipient Light Blue Star Navy Cross Golden Star 1. Div. Map Andy LZ FSB 1969 70 LZ Betty Phan Thiet Vietnam. Hill 54. Death Valley was the title Keith William Nolan gave to his 1987 book about the NVA VC summer offensive of August 1969 in the 196th Brigade Area of Operations west of Chu Lai Vietnam. Obtaining Maps and Records You can obtain military maps much like we used in Vietnam from the United States Geologic Survey in Denver. Vietnam Map Vietnam War Photos Vietnam Veterans Photo Music Video Warsaw Pact American War Cold War Armed Forces Nurses. This map shows all the provinces and capital cities of Vietnam. Army used the base as a logistics and command center. It is meant to include Base Camps Firebases and LZ 39 s. With ruins of lost cultures rugged mountains home to minority villages plus white sand beaches dense jungles and modern busy cities Vietnam is a truly fascinating place. Location Map New Zealanders In Vietnam middot Bong Son middot Qui Nhon middot Dong Ba Thin middot Bien Hoa middot Nui Dat middot Battle of Long Tan middot Vung Tau middot Saigon Ho Chi Minh City . Vietnam. Slept in this a. 09kb Ia Drang Valley LZ X Ray Historical Map Singleplayer Map 1. Map to Danang and South Map to Northern I Corp An Hoa Chu Lai FSB Ross Hill 10 Hill 37 Hill 55 7th Marines Hill 63 LZ Baldy Hill 65 Hill 119 Hill 327 Freedom Hill Hill 364 Marble Mountain Dong Ha Con Thien LZ Stud Dong Ha Mountain FSB Fuller Razorback Rock Pile Khe Sahn Phu Bai Hue A reddish brown patch of dirt on Hill 579 which was LZ FSB Ryder. This was the view of the Duc Pho LZ Bronco Airfield from our camp area. Link provided by Rex Hon Maps of Vietnam Website Courtesy of Ray Smith Phuoc Tuy Province Area Maps Courtesy of 104 Signal Squadron Website and Ernie Newbold Pleiku LZ Mary Lou 23 miles Tri Border to Dak To 15 miles This links to UpTight magazine for 1970 an in country publication which has a good map of all Major Unit Locations in Vietnam. John Ray Fair a machine gunner with A Co. LZ English . Choose original size then move about the map to view area of choice. 1 Using the lens of doctrine one can see that LTC Robert McDade the 2 7 CAV The day this began was November 14 1965 in the Ia Drang Valley of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Army and U. The skies were clear the sun hot and relentless as we did what all good Marines do when not doing anything else we filled sand bags. The map as shown above is vague and lacks a lot of accuracy. Link provided by Rex Hon Maps of Vietnam Website Courtesy of Ray Smith Phuoc Tuy Province Area Maps Courtesy of 104 Signal Squadron Website and Ernie Newbold The Geography and Map Division holds a map from the war that was printed and created by the 66 th Engineer Company known as the Topo Corps . SP5 Harold S. It is mostly known for the Battle of Ia Drang that took place in November 1965 during the Vietnam War. Apr 25 2017 5. Landing Zone LZ English was located close to a town called Bong Son in the Province of Binh Dinh. Get free map for your website. Map provided are from the following eras. Jun 16 2011 Tagged An Khe bunker foxhole guard duty letter home LZ English LZ Geronimo M60 machine gunner malted milk balls Vietnam War Leave a comment 18 May 2011 1st Air Cavalry Division troops load and fire M 110 Howitzer at Camp Evans Thua Thei Province South Vietnam. 7 May 2019 I was part of the 1 503 Infantry out of L. Phone 517 884 6467. 1st Air Cavalry Division troops at Camp Evans Thua Thei Province South Vietnam. 5 km S of LZ Sally 1. Uplift. American troops were transported by helicopter to clear landing zones and set up the command center of the operation at a large termite mound in Landing Zone X Ray LZ X Ray . Firebases LZ 39 s Camps The LZ occupied a hilltop blasted barren by US airpower. 1969. This view is looking toward the west. Credits Courtesy of the United States Military Academy Department of History. 13 quot E Click to See Satellite At the base of Chu Prong Mountain on Highway 14C near Pleiku City was one of the most famous battlegrounds of the Vietnam War. Austin TX. W. About Mar 70 we were moved out of LZ Pro without much warning. I was in II Corps. 24 FEB 69. They were air lifted off Snuffy Bu Gia Map airstrip between 1230 and 1300. On its last ight out of Kham Duc the Chinook had a full load of troops and ammo cans and 105mm artillery rounds in cartons. Took it easy laid around. Along Route 9 in Quang Tri province a number of Fire Support Bases were established in order to support the operations in this the northernmost province of the former RVN including the DMZ. 6 21 70 LZ Snuffy J. Map of the Battle of Soui Tre Vietnam 3 21 1967 from 25Aviation. Choose from a wide range of region map types and styles. LZ Liz Looking North at LZ Liz Early Photo LZ Liz LZ Liz Mortar amp HQ area LZ Liz HE amp WP artillery on VC area between Liz amp Bronco LZ Liz Lt. The Troopers of 2 7 Cav relieved their sister unit 1st Battalion 7th Cavalry Regiment on Nov. The artillery fire lifted and the UH 1B helicopters of the aerial rocket artiller y battalion ARA made a firing pass of the LZ and then commenced an on call orbit nearby. Hayes This is a never seen before collection of personal photographs from the 101st Airborne in Vietnam during 1968 and 1969. FSB Ryder Getting a round ready to load an artillery cannon. Army Base constructed by the 1st Cavalry Division 1965 and in use thru 1971. May 03 2020 Our rear base was LZ Betty near the coastal town of Phan Thiet see map below . Most maps that were used in Vietnam by the military are those that have Grids laid over them. 6 23 70 56. It has been the home at one time or another for most units of the 1 5. It is about 50 km wide at its narrowest region. With 25 grunts and two artillerymen on board Reid remembers that nal trip to LZ Judy as routine. On 14 March engineer construction began on a 150 feet 46 m x 2 500 feet 760 m airstrip and a logistical complex at LZ Stud. Co Pilot Sole Survivor As we closed on LZ Judy we were informed by the Chu Lai is a seaport urban and industrial area in N i Th nh District Qu ng Nam Province Vietnam. Went out on quot mini cav quot humped off LZ to river then came back. LZ Jane was located to the west of Hai Lang village in the middle of the Hai Lang National Forest. 4th 1967 Sept. 5 million people in the watery region but in many areas its grip is tenuous. Most of us entered Vietnam at Cam Ranh Bay a large US Air Force and Navy in the northern part of the Bong Son Plains called LZ Geronimo see Maps . The Battle 26th Infantry into LZ I at 1130 and 1st Battalion 2d Infantry into LZ 3 at. Being in the middle of a forested area it was also on one of the main enemy infiltration routes into Quang Tri Province. quot FB Bandit II. Currahee Built on the floor of the A Shau Valley approximately 43 km from Hue and 35km WSW of FSB Birmingham. Hayes Payne and others of the 196th light infantry brigade probed the massive tunnel in Hobo Woods South Vietnam on January 21 1967 and found detailed maps and plans of the enemy. Smith Donald E. 78713 Phone 512 495 4250 The 105 X 140 map of Southeast Asia was a focal point of LZ Lambeau. LZ Gator 5th BN. It was on the Duc Pho and Mo Duc borders just south of the 515 Highway that ran from the South China Sea Highway 1 west to Ba To. You will be able to select the map style in the very next step. History 1968. Map b Lam Son 719 February 1971. Just another hot dusty day at the Duc Pho LZ Bronco Airfield. Miscellaneous Photos. Once you open a map read the horizontal coordinates first and the vertical coordinates second. VIETNAM WAR MAP IV CORPS from Newsweek January 1 1968 The sixteen southern provinces in and around the Mekong River delta comprise the richest part of all Vietnam its rice bowl. A range of maps and diagrams relevant to the conflict in vietnam from the 1800s to 1976. In this photo the guys on the right are getting ready to build some structure probably the perimiter gurard bunker. The 39 Map Room 39 for 1 92nd Field Artillery Association Vietnam includes a listing of the FSB 39 s and LZ 39 s with clickable jump maps to view close ups of the section you wish to view. LZ Flayerty Christmas 1967 LZ Ann LZ Clifford Tra Bong LZ Baldy LZ Gator LZ Bayonet LZ Bowman LZ Professional January June 1969 Daily Staff Journals The Last Days of LZ Professional LZ Fat City LZ Ray LZ Fat City Ky Tra Map of AO Recognition Page Memorial Page Stories Letters GHOSTS Then amp Now The Brotherhood Charlie Map Location of Courts South Vietnam Go Map U. BuNo 152576 probably at LZ Ross South of Danang Engineer Company Photo Gallery Vietnam The following photos are from the collection of Ron Coppersmith who served in and around LZ 39 s Ross amp Baldy with A Company 26th Engineers from 1968 1969. Maps of Places Within South Vietnam Pleiku Camp Halloway An Kh and Vicinity An Kh Camp Radcliff Detailed Qui Nh n B ng S n LZ English LZ Two Bits B ng S n the An L o Valley and Tam Quan The White Sand Dunes and Li u An 2 T y An 1 in Relation to LZ Geronimo LZ Willie The Actual Situation at Willie Bridge This is quot LZ Max Mo Duc Vietnam quot by Jose Diaz on Vimeo the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Plane coming in for a landing at Duc Pho LZ Bronco Airfield. When I say we I mean our Quad all ammo as well as the artillery 102mm the infantry company s . The above map shows the Vietnam coordinates latitude longitude and address. The month of August 1969 was a great month for bugs at Vandergrift Combat Base VCB there in the Northwest corner of the Republic of Vietnam RVN or South Vietnam . This is LZ San Juan Hill a mountain top fire support base FSB located about 10 15 statue miles to the west of Duc Pho. Maphill is more than just a map gallery. Date Tue January 7 2003 Views 6064 Filesize 24. quot . The only remnant of the American presence that I could find was a small piece of a sandbag on LZ Action. Each map is broken down into four sectors NW 4 SW 3 NE 1 and SE 2. During the Vietnam War LZ Baldy Hill 63 was a Military Fire Support Base for the U. It is difficult to see but there is concertina wire behind the guys on the right. org wiki Category Military_bases_of_the_Vietnam_War oldid 2829713 quot LZ Gator 5th BN. I was stationed on LZ Professional from Oct 69 thru about Mar of 70 and also with the 1 46th. You can also use our latitude and longitude app to find Vietnam coordinates. Buck LZ Buckskin FSB Hill 502 Buddha Mountain Buff LZ Hill 97 Renamed L Z Stinson Bulldog FSB Opened 28 Mar 1970 Bulldog LZ Bulldog Il LZ Bullwhip FSB Bushwack FSB Hill 484 Ca Tuy Mountain Cacti LZ Cadet LZ Opened 5 1970 Cai Khe Base Cam LZ Cam Le Bridge Camp Charger Camp Crescenz 196th Headquarters 1972 Camp Evans boulder strewn mountain at coordinates YD713136 1 50 000 map of Hue near Nam Hoa. 30th 69. 73 photos. map of lz in vietnam